Watchtower is analytical software for law enforcement and military operations. It offers intuitive data visualizations whereby information can be easily understood and quickly acted on. Watchtower allows for automated sharing and fusion of information from multiple sources within an enterprise and between separate organizations. Watchtower utilizes proprietary algorithms to identify and match similar information stored in different formats inside different databases. Raw structured and unstructured data about people, places, and things are automatically parsed and recombined in a coherent manner, transforming information into knowledge. By doing so, Watchtower reveals important connections that would otherwise be overlooked, while also saving time and money. Additionally, Watchtower provides a collaborative environment wherein processed data can be exchanged and enriched by subject matter experts. Watchtower was specifically developed with intelligence units and task forces in mind but can be further customized to fit other law enforcement and military users. Contact OSI for more information.

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